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WP_20150303_14_32_00_Pro (2)In January I  joined an online community called Crossposting.You get an address and you send the person a postcard.There are lots of specific requests but I really wanted to make fabric cards.This week I had a US address who would accept handmade cards.So after a little Pinterest research I had a method and worked out the supplies-which of course I had in my stash.Here is the result.

Today is also the birthday of two good friends one on the East Coast of US and the other in Japan so happy b’day to Sayaka and Marisol.

I’m skipping the 21 day challenge today.It’s Zentangles – been there done that and it’s just not my scene.Well in truth the small repetitive motions make my neck and arm ache.No Zen just pain.

Face to face

So for day 2 of my art challenge faces are the theme.This is a reworking of an older piece that was more multi-media but it worked.I had to lose the text for the book so add-ins are a method I frequently use.

WP_20150302_14_37_13_Pro (2)

More Owls

We have had a great week in the PNW. The weather continues to be good warm and dry.On Monday we headed out to Ebey’s landing on Whidbey Island a nice short drive and ferry hop from our Bellevue home.We spent the day hang out with Northern Harriers and short earred owls at dusk.The little strip of land by the Port Townsend ferry is a fav spot.

Hubby commented while taking his beach side required nap that I would normally be journallng but I realized i had just hadn’t done that in a while so this week when I came across a 21 day challenge I felt it was time to flex those muscles.

This is Day One have to confess I did a little sketching first. Thought about which of my 4 current journals to pick up and in the end went for The First Deadly Sin.I like the text pages and as I’m finding it difficulty  starting  projects currently an already washed page was helpful.

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