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Fabric book swap

This swap was along time in the creating.I started work on it last November and It has finally reached it’s destination so I can share just how it turned out.As ever this is picture heavy and does not include the three secret compartments which included vintage photos of recipient of the autographs.

We choose the theme of flowers in both hands as Lauren is particular interest in vintage ephemera I had to reach for images from Aunt Kathy’s autograph book.WP_002978 WP_002977 WP_002976 WP_002975

Fabric book

Fabric book


The Biscotti Collaboration


With collaboration  and friendship  connection  


Sabina Ward Harrison


These simple words are included within a book I received recently.”And the Story is Happening” is the first book I’ve ever picked up that I just wanted to start altering.Go to book store,order it from the library or check it out online but flick through it’s pages this book just sparked something for me.

I feel I have collaborated,swapped and encouraged people to explore,create and enjoy wherever the muse takes them.

There is a possibility of a  book collaboration will evolve to make this happen over the next year.

If you read this and are interested ask me about it in person or via email.



Altered Book Class

So I will be hosting another altered book class at Bellevue Art and Frame.

Time to share some journal pages in “The first deadly sin”

Altered pageThese pages include niches,surface additions and washes.

These techniques will be cover in class starting February 12th 10am-12.

Journal rebound

There’s something really cathartic about rebinding my journal.It’s a time to reflected ,celebrate and choose what is brought forward into new work.It’s been about 18 months since I last did this and it really feels like a fresh start.WP_003199

New Year New Teacher

So nice to be back in class.We’d had a heads up re our first assignment.50 collages in two weeks but the plus two 14×14 collages was a surprise.I’m up to 37 in the first three days so I’m going to back off a bit to extend the fun.

The key is being organized ,sounds easy but for me it takes focus.I’m used to making book pages and wanted to do an altered page swap this year so have just applied those principles to the task at have.Art quilting experience has helped too.

This is the first batch of 20.

The stack

I am going to be more selective with my choice for the next 13 off to choose the foundation images not just free flow.

The teen is tired

I get to play guilt free again !
So every time I switch on to Google there’s a to do list for the last three months its suggested that I finish the Washington DC and Africa books.
Today i finished the DC book.I’d already prepped a complex accordion fold but finished it of with a wrap that holds the sketch journal which I took with us.I needed to debulk the spare pages so made the teen a small black sketch book for his rucksack.The very cool clothespegs/pins were a crafty christmas gift from Norway-thanks E they are awesome


A place to play

So I’m lucky enough to have a growing collection of arty and mixed media books.I’m also really untidy so wanted to develop a place to play in the next few months.
This is my desk try out area for 2012-the first deadly sin.Altering books is still regarded as this in my house by some..It’s not designed to go anywhere just a place to try techniques, ideas and share as the whim takes me.

I also added to my collection of books over the holidays.I finally have my own copy of Collaborative Art Journals by LL Ludwig and yesterday discovered Personal Geographies by Jill Berry.Got to doing that hand thing again !

It’s been a painful few months but I’m hoping things will continue to move on and improve.As Yaz says the only way up !

I also need to get on with exploring Surface Treatments Workshop so I’m off to play with that as well.


So things change-life’s balance alters with the seasons.Fall to winter is always a time of reflection.
Currently I’m focusing on altering a copy of “The Road to Wealth” for my final.There is something quite therapeutic about craving a deep enclose and peeling out advise on managing material wealth.

Technical challenges

So I’ve joined an online group working though a book called Surface Treatment workshop by McElroy and Wilson.Going back to the basics of stamping and stenciling seemed to be very low key but I had the best fun yesterday exploring surfaces and creating ATC’s.I’ve never made single ATC’s before and it was great fun to create 18 unique but themed artist trading cards to go.