A place to play

So I’m lucky enough to have a growing collection of arty and mixed media books.I’m also really untidy so wanted to develop a place to play in the next few months.
This is my desk try out area for 2012-the first deadly sin.Altering books is stillĀ regardedĀ as this in my house by some..It’s not designed to go anywhere just a place to try techniques, ideas and share as the whim takes me.

I also added to my collection of books over the holidays.I finally have my own copy of Collaborative Art Journals by LL Ludwig and yesterday discovered Personal Geographies by Jill Berry.Got to doing that hand thing again !

It’s been a painful few months but I’m hoping things will continue to move on and improve.As Yaz says the only way up !

I also need to get on with exploring Surface Treatments Workshop so I’m off to play with that as well.

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