New Year Old traditions

So Happy New Year  !

It’s over for another year all the pressure, excitement and experiences of one year have roll silently or not so silently into a New Year.

Our family tradition has always been to escape the indoors and embrace the outside.For us that’s a beach.We had heard that there are Arctic Snowy Owls in the area and headed out yesterday to explore in the hope of seeing one.

We hiked along a very windswept shore and popped our heads above the grass horizon.There sat on the ground a big white owl .After seeing the barred owl earlier in the year there was no question this was a wol.There were 5 owls in total over a 200ft square area-a parliament of  owls.

We spent a very windy but wonderful hour watching the owls until the light finally faded and it was time to head back.

In celebration of these beautiful birds and the new year I created this small nest.

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