So last summer during Nan’s amazing workshops I was introduced to Zentangles.As I’m want to do I made a few put the idea in my toolbox and carried on my exploring ,creating and enjoying.

Recently the term came up again and I had another bash at creating some.Hubby is working on black and white processing and so we have a number of eject prints on Lasal MOAB paper (www.wildoutdoors.co.uk for his images)

I’ve been cutting up these and applying media-the surface is very smooth and as I like to recycle I thought this would be a good plan.

The black ATC’s were just an experiment ( a great way to play) During my time at the U “surface matters” and “material studies” were phrase that seem to have become planted seeds.

The white backed postcards are on Lasal. Left hand card is gold pen the different textures.Gloss, fiber paste and the same color just different hues.I wasn’t really sure that this was tangling but the application and texture did indeed take small meditative repetitive motions.The right hand tangle is an extension of that first piece.Metallic pen,Pitt pen then hand painted with metallic fluid acrylics.I didn’t like the flow on this.

Then I just had to do the full mixed media thing and go for the beaded version.I just took a 6×4 square of fleece created a tangle pattern on the machine and started to bead.

I’m hoping this will make a center piece for an altered book.Sometimes the egg comes before the chicken.

First tangle with note  "?cuff"

First tangle with note “?cuff”

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