Pedicure in Redmond/England 2 Canada 1

Bare Naked Ladies were in town this weekend and I was spoilt with tickets in Millionaires row .Jigging around singing “if I had a million dollars” in the fancy seats in Marymoor park is a sweet irony. Loved the Redmond Pedicure routine.

However they also dragged some ageing Brits Howard Jones ( so fit and sounded so good-also loved by fans) and OMD. Oh my gosh someone may not have been feeling good what a performance-true trooper.Great set .

BNL joked about their food work ( which I must source to share with Mrs Stanley) Music to encourage kids to eat their veggies. I would not  worry about new stuff for someone who’s music is the sound track to my life all sort of synapses where tweaking. I’ve always said music is life’s blood.

Mr Howard Jones Mary Moor Park WA

Mr Howard Jones Mary Moor Park WA





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