Even cold fish need love

Love Peace and Joy

Sometimes it’s about the process. I’ve touched on this before.Building layers adding memories exploring tactile sensations are all important to me.Adding the final accent brings meaning and closure.The gold button on this cuff belonged to US Col Hart it has a small clip on the back instead of being sewn-Colonels do not always have needle and thread available.I shared coffee with his “hive mind” wife.Ideal coffee chatter last week led to the realization that my great grandfather delivered milk to their post war home in Eynsham in the 1880.That’s how small the ‘shire is.That and my Mayo wrap in March make my skin tingle.What was most amazing was her memories of the cars she drove.I forgotten what it was but her face was so animated as she shared her memories.More tomorrow as we will connect again.

The colors are off in these pieces they glow like the fall leaves I’ve just been cleaning from the drains with a snow shovel to help with the salmon run. I’m making things for Christmas us crafters always start early.



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