Garden of Artful Delights

I spent last week volunteering and docenting a Ginny Ruffner inspired garden at the Pacific North West Garden show.The garden was created by the Arboretum Washington foundation.I got to work with Bob,Phil and Rhonda the designers over the week and indeed it really did take a village to pull it off.Ginny visited for the installation of the glass and I learned some new techniques.

It was very busy and fun.I learnt to wire glass,how a show garden is constructed.I helped Phil install part of the garden while ducking hanging glass pieces.I learnt a lot about bog gardens in Canada.

We have new shrubs,bulbs and trees for the yard,a large metal heart which is just below my studio window at the base of a cedar tree.Most treasure of all is the pond liner which will be installed in our garden ,maybe one day we will grow dragonflies here.Handy work

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