Mandala plus I have to hand it to you Day 19+20

Mandala-I know what I thought one was and a wee Google search confirmed my idea.I looked around for different patterns and as soon as the Owl popped up knew that was the one for me.If you look on my Pinterest feed you can find others.We are so likely to see owls locally so I choose gold and brown pens.A bit of a mistake as finer mark markers would have been more helpful.It took a long time to color and my hand is not to steady at the moment but I did finish the mission.



Page 20 just seemed to develop from page 18.I had a round Mandela and 3/4 of an empty page.I have no idea where the tree paper bag came from but was a handy find.When we see owls in Nisqually and hear them in bed a night I think of how important it is for us (the hands) to support the wildlife.

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