Mountain Fun

My Mum in particular loves being in the mountains.We share a passion for plants this visit gave a chance to share the mountains first flush of flowers.Just like ducks I forget from one year to the next the flower types and have to relearn some  of their names.

We had a couple for day trips into the mountains.The flowers were stunning.Such a contrast from our first trip to the trip two weeks later.Many more flowers as the quick thaw continues with our current high temperatures.So I’m going to share some some of our alpine treasures.If you ever get the opportunity to visit Rainier Nation Park I recommend Stevens Canyon Road and Reflection Lake as awesome destinations.The meadows around Paradise are always worth a visit once the snow has melted !

These are not mountain meadows but my neighbors beautiful single peony which  greeted my Mum when she arrived.You can see on the left just how high we are on the hilltop.

Single peony


I want to put more image but have as ever there have been having technical issues-one of these day I’ll learn to do this properly.

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