Still here ( Metalmorphosis introduced)

20160928_215159281_ios 20160928_215210381_iosHave been very busy in the the last week.Returning to docent family and starting to learn the new Metalmorphosis show which I will be touring until Feb 4th 2017.We had an lecture from Nick Statius. Nick makes metal tapestries on her houseboat anchored on an island off ┬áPortland,Oregon.Her technique is awesome using a vintage knitting machine to create copperwire cloth which is then adorned with different types/colors of gold.Her connection with nature is amazing and her love of gold made me reflect back to our visit to Mary Lee Hu’s home. ( Mary Lee also has a piece in the show)

Wednesday saw my student return to the studio.She has been travelling in Europe and had brought a new artist to share with me and a venue Jupiter artland.

My student also brought back her textile journal which I look forward to filling over the fall days.We bound it using a new technique to her.This took some patience from both of us but we were pleased with the end result.When the computer and phone will talk to each other I’ll post some images !

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