Monster Fun

I can finally share a couple of pieces from this week.

I belong to an online community called Cut,Out and Keep.Part of the group swap crafty items.I find it a great way to stretch myself and acquire pieces for collaborative  work. Then I pass it on.I have a collection of  fabric,wired and paper flowers and other objects which I will be continuing to include in projects for a long time.

Kiddo was one of my first swap partners this week our crafty paths crossed again and I made these two creatures as part of a Halloween swap.

The legs to Al have been in my stash for a while so -thanks to Hunting Wabbits they finally found their home.

Al oween is an off worlder who visits for the annual pumpkin thing on the blue planet and brought last years picture book from her visit.

Greenback is just a pure celebration of that fact that our green card paperwork has been signed and we are one step closer to become permanent residents in the US

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