Got to love them.

These software developers have to send us new challenges.Today the rain and a desire to get some images up for sharing means I’m back watching the red breasted nuthatch feeding on the deck while gesso dries in the studio. Windows 8 is a progression for some ,I know how hard the team worked at it, change is a challenge and I like things to work the way I can access them the best.After all I still tie bows the way I was taught as a child.

Anyway back to the gesso in the studio comment.I have a book I play in kind of a warm up space.Not my journal this is somewhere to explore surface design and techniques.No rules no rhyme just a space-“the first deadly sin”.Early in the summer Drew at A+ C supplies in Seattle helped me select some so hand craving tools.This is my first print block love the way it fell with the text of the old book .

My first experiment in woodblock craving. Really enjoyed the way this fell into the book text.

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