The Gathering

Fall is upon us and for some that means Birthdays, Halloween ,Holidays.

It is a busy time and a fun one to.Special hand made projects for friends and and family which for me as a state side peep means planning and above all supplies. Yes I said it the guilty secret of any mixed media artist-stuff.

I love sari silk ,ever since my first trip back to the UK in 2009.I use it in my book making( the Road to wealth) and fabric ( tree dress).This week I found a wonderful store in Anacortes WA.I’d been making paper-cloth the day before and this is the stash I indulged in. Yesterday I went to the thrift store for fabric and bead finding. I was also on the look out for Nude lyria as Mandy Greer has moved onto her Italy project.So this evening for community I’ll be joining a car load to cut out feathers and watching others eating ¬†pizza.



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