Being Done



I was chatting to a musician (and day time plumber) last week and we were talking about how things happen -what’s the first note,where did the first paint stroke start a piece.

We explored the how and why of what we think is obvious when we create.Our own intent and then how others interpret our results.He shared a great story of writing a song and being told by a fan what it was all about.He listened with intent to the fan’s story knowing that the interpretation was so far for his initial concept.

We talked about the being done.When I work in created cloth one of the best ways to find this moment is by using a frame.The papers I create are of various sizes, picking up an 6 x 4 ,7 x 5 or even an A4 frame seems to help contain the fabric and give the work a visual reference.My tactile landscape books even benefit from this approach being given space to allow the eye to rest.


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