Seriously a whole month !

Oh my it’s been a month since my last post -must have been busy !
Fall has arrived with really high winds,big rain showers and I have enjoyed the last days of summer buzzing around with my old student and now friend Sponge.

Speedo car wash is over-had to do stand in photography for that one ! The salmon are back I have my watching spot, hoping the rain brings them in.Did see some at Issaquah on Thursday we have 5 species locally and the ones that may use the stream I watch arrive a little later in the season.

I’m planning a spring show and applying for inclusion in a show next fall. Things in Issaquah are going to be bubbling in 2012 and I’m considering whether to get involved.Uni starts next week.Hubby has just plugged in Nivara’s Smells like Teen Spirit-kinda sums up the day !

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